Thursday, April 10, 2008

Will The Madness Never End?

Am I the only one out there who's sick and tired of all the speculation about Yahoo and Microsoft?

Will Steve and Jerry tie the knot? Is Rupert going to swoop in and rescue the fair maiden? Or is Jerry destined for the arms of another, like say AOL, or Google?

Who cares, really? Yahoo shareholders ought to. Take the money and run, that is. No matter how much "synergy" there is, or how much sense this makes strategically (for either party), these things typically work out only one way--value gets destroyed, and some upstart comes in and disrupts the big guys.

Oh, they'll hang around for awhile, sheer weight will see to that. But in a couple of years the market for search and advertising will look completely different than it does today--and neither Yahoo or Microsoft will be at the top. So why bother?

Let's just get this over with one way or another, and go back to our regularly scheduled useless tug-of-war: Hillary and Barack.

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