Thursday, March 13, 2008

Beginnings (apologies to the Allman Bros.)

Well, here we go. After several years, and numerous suggestions by friends and colleagues, I'm taking the plunge. Guess I've got things to say, and need a rooftop to shout from. Wish me luck.

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soloride said...

you just said everything i wanted to say to people that just wrote stage6 off as another video site defeated by youtube.

i used youtube back when very few people were using it and stage6 had the same momentum going if not more for the amount of time it was around.

i also did not know the stats on deviantART! wow.

do you know where Jordan Grennhall is now?

I have a huge network I was building up to push stage6 and I'm waiting for the next stage6 to pop up so that I can help push traffic to it.

thanks for posting the awesome post! made me feel a little bit more sane.